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Goodboy Kitchen

“We believe one of the most important elements in a dog's life after it's human partner is its daily diet and we take it seriously”

We at goodboy kitchen are dog lovers first and an entity later, we cook food which dogs love and enjoy eating. Unlike average kibble diet, we cook preservative free food and deliver at your doorstep everyday .

Our food is specially designed to meet the daily nutrition needs of urban dogs. We use fresh ingredients to attain a balnced diet.

We Deliver


" We belive in the concept of fresh ingredients; fresh food ". At Goodboy kitchen, We do not store any meat or vegetables. We prefer buying ingredients sufficient enough to full fill kitchens every day needs.

Cooking process starts from buying meat and vegetables a day preceding the cooking. Later the meat and vegetables are washed and sterilized throughly. We cook everyday and kitchen starts at early hours. Depending on the dog's unique requirement food is measured, packed and delivered at subscriber's doorstep every morning.

" We dont want you to worry about feeding your dog while you are work. We try our level best to deliver the food before 8:30 AM "